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Frequently Asked Questions About Margarators

Published On: Tuesday, October 7, 2008

1. What is a Margarator?
It is a small, inexpensive appliance that produces large amounts of frozen drinks in just minutes. You can use it indoors or outdoors, and at home for personal use or with a large group while entertaining.

2. How do I use a Margarator?
Using one is very easy. First, open the machineís lid. Pour in ice, your choice of tequila, and the drink mix, but do not go over the fill line. Close the lid and turn on the switch. The machine will begin grinding the ice and blending your drink. After about eight minutes, stop and check the consistency. If itís not thoroughly blended, let it work for a few more minutes. Once your drink will be ready, you can dispense it by pulling forward on the front-mounted spout.

3. How many margaritas can a Margarator make?
Almost every Margarator can hold up to one gallon of frozen drinks. This means it can make up to 16 glasses of 8-ounce drinks. It may produce less individual drinks if you are using particularly large margarita glasses. Some margarita machines can make even more than this.

4. Where can I use my Margarator?
Because the Margarator is small and comes with a handle, it is very portable and can be used just about anywhere. Sure, you can set it up in your kitchen, but you can also bring it out by the pool, to a barbecue, on a boat, or anywhere else that has a power outlet. Margarators also come with 12-volt DC plugs that you can use while tailgating, boating, or camping!

5. What type of power does a Margarator run on?
It runs on either AC power or 12-volt DC power. It comes with a power cord for both types of power. The DC cord is fit to go into a charger in a car or boat .

6. How do I clean my Margarator?
A Margarator is made to be very easy to clean. Simply dump out the remaining drink and hand-wash the top unit with soap and warm water. Do not use an abrasive sponge or scourer, as this can scratch the machine.

7. How much does one cost?
You can expect to pay from around $79 to $100 depending on where you buy it from. Other brands of home margarita machines can cost several hundred more dollars. A commercial margarita machine costs thousands, so a Margarator will save you lots of money!

8. How long will my drinks stay cold?
Margarators are insulated with double-walls to keep your drinks chilly, even when the machine is outdoors in the heat. The drinks can stay cold in the machine for up to four hours, though itís doubtful they will go that long without being had! Be sure to keep the machine in the shade if left outside to keep the drinks even cooler.

9. Why not use a traditional blender to just make frozen drinks?
Traditional lenders can be messy to pour, often leave chunks of ice in the drinks, and tend to make drinks that melt fast. They also canít make much at one time. A Margarator makes up to a gallon of drinks in one batch. Its strong motor crushes ice and produces smooth, soft drinks. Its easy-pour spout prevents a mess and allows guests to easily serve themselves.

10. Can Margarators only make margaritas?
No, there are no limits to what you can make. You can make a margarita, a daiquiri, or a slushee, but why stop there? You can get creative and add syrups and a variety of alcoholic drinks to make cocktails such as mai tais. Additionally, you can choose to make the drink with alcohol or you can make a virgin drink.

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