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Throwing a Margarator Party

Published On: Thursday, October 9, 2008

Now that you have a Margarator machine, how can you best utilize it for a special occasion? You can save it for the next big football game or pool party, but why not throw a special party for your friends just to make use of your new frozen margarita-making machine?

Throwing a Margarator Party

A Mexican theme is most appropriate for a margarita party. To prepare for your shindig, first, come up with some ideas for appetizers you can serve to your guests. For a Margarator party, some food ideas that will fit well with the theme include slivers of quesadillas, shrimp ceviche, nachos, crab cakes with poblano sauce, and chips with queso, salsa, bean dip, or guacamole. You can make these yourself, find a catering company to make them for you, or pick them up from a local Mexican restaurant. Donít overdo it, though; people enjoy snacking while drinking, but probably wonít want to eat a full meal.

Next, decide what type of drinks you want to make for your party. You can use your Margarator to make margaritas, but you can also use it to make fruit slushees and daiquiris. If you choose to go with a traditional margarita, you need to decide which type of tequila you will use. The most common type of tequila used in frozen margaritas is oro, or gold. It has flavoring to simulate aging.

Many people enjoy having rock salt on their margarita glasses along with a wedge of lime, so be sure to have those in stock. If you are having a large gathering and think your icemaker may not be able to keep up with the demand, you should buy a bag of ice so you can keep the drinks flowing. The Margarator canít make frozen drinks without it!

After getting the food and liquor taken care of, itís time to go to a party supply store such as Party City. You should be sure to buy drink napkins and paper or plastic plates for appetizers, and plastic tablecloths to avoid a mess. You should also want to get plastic margarita glasses unless you have a large collection of glass ones. Using plastic cups will make the clean-up process much easier!

For added fun, you can get extra decorations to follow a margarita party theme. Buy some of those small umbrellas that go in drinks. Why not get some sombreros and maracas? Other decorations you may want to get include paper lanterns, multi-colored banners or pennants, and desert cacti for centerpieces. Buy a piŮata and fill it with candy or anything else you think would be fun. Once people have had a few drinks from the Margarator, they will have a great time with this! It may also be fun to get some mariachi or tejano music on CD to play while everyone socializes.

A Margarator can keep drinks cool for up to four hours, so why not make a batch before guests even arrive? Because the machine only makes about 10-16 drinks at a time, for a large party, several batches will need to be made. Designate someone to keep track of when more drinks need to be made, or make sure to get a clear Margarator so you can keep your eye on how much is left from across the room and know when its time to make more. Be sure to have fun and socialize, though! With the easy-pour spout, guests can serve themselves while you enjoy your margarita party. Ole!

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