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Margarita Machine Selections Give Margarita Makers More Choices

Published On: Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Just as you can find a blender in a variety of styles, shapes, and suiting a range of various budgets, margarita makers also offer something for everyone. Every day there are more and more choices for those who would like to own a margarita machine.

Margarita Machine Selections

Why would someone want to own a margarita machine? Thatís easy. For people who entertain, this is the perfect solution for providing tasty alcoholic beverages. If you enjoy drinking margaritas often, owning a machine greatly cuts down on your costs. A margarita at a restaurant can easily cost $8 a pop, and renting a commercial margarita machine can easily cost $150 a night. Buying a commercial margarita machine costs thousands of dollars and can make five to eight gallons of drinks Ė much more than one person would really need, even to have a gathering at home.

The least inexpensive home margarita machine is the Margarator. It generally costs $80 - $100 and is very simple to use. It doesnít always make drinks of perfect consistency, but it blends margaritas much better than most traditional blenders and can make up to a gallon of drinks. Another popular option is the Cuisinart Smooth Maker, which can range from $80 - $150. It can make up to 56 ounces of drinks and has a dispensing spout on the front. You can use this to make margaritas, smoothies, protein shakes, and more.

Another step up is the Margaritaville Margarita Machines. With various models ranging from $200 - $400, these machines are made specifically for frozen drinks, and produced by a company well known for its perfect margaritas. Its parts are a bit sturdier than the Margaratorís and it is known to produce more restaurant-quality drinks.

Margaritaville actually has a new product out called the Tahiti Frozen Concoctionô Maker DM3000, which runs at about $600. However, itís a pretty incredible device; it has a very strong motor and three separate, 24-ounce drink jars. You fill the top of the device with ice, pour your chosen ingredients into the jars, and press the button labeled for the drink you want. Your choices include smoothie, mojito, margarita, daiquiri, colada and mudslide. You can also choose the thickness of the drinks, and they come out with no ice chunks and are not watery. This is as close as you can get to a professional, commercial margarita machine without paying the price for one!

With all these different products available, you have a large amount of margarita makers to choose from. One factor to take into consideration is how often you think you will use the machine. If you entertain frequently and will be giving the machine heavy use, you may want to invest in a more sturdy machine that is higher quality so it lasts longer and will not need to be replaced often, if at all. Alternatively, if you would like a home margarita maker but donít think you will be using it too frequently, it may be wiser to buy a cheaper model.

Whatever model you choose to buy, you will certainly be saving money as compared to renting a margarita machine, which can cost the amount in one night that it would cost to buy margarita maker that is yours forever!

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