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What is a Margarator?

Published On: Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Are you a margarita lover but hate having to go all the way to a restaurant and fork out lots of cash to get a tasty and frozen delicacy? Those days are no more. With a Margarator, you can easily whip up a margarita or other frozen drink whenever and wherever it strikes your fancy.

What is a margarator?

The Margarator, a cousin of the beer-dispensing keg refrigerator, is a miniature margarita-making machine that is small enough for your kitchen but large enough to entertain a full party. It is intended to produce fantastic frozen margaritas, but it can also make fruit slushees and daiquiris. You can use it to make alcoholic drinks for you and your friends and make virgin slushees for your kids.

The Margarator has AC/DC power capabilities and comes with a built-in DC adaptor so you can power it up in any place that has a plug. Some Margarators even come with a car charger. The Margarator is insulated and can be used indoors or outdoors. You can have it on your kitchen or bar for an indoor party, or bring it out to your backyard for a barbecue or pool party. The machine is small and portable and comes with a handle, which also makes it perfect for bringing along to a tailgate or boat party. The little machine will be a hit, especially during hot summers and sports events.

It is very easy to make a drink with the Margarator. You simply fill the machine with ice, the drink mix, and tequila, or add other ingredients of your choice. After securing the lid in place, flip the switch and the machine goes into action. The motor will grind and shave the ice and swirl all the ingredients together. Several minutes later, your frozen drinks will be ready. The drinks are smooth and soft – no chunky pieces of ice! The only thing the Margarator doesn’t do is add the rock salt and the lime wedge.

Almost every Margarator makes up to one gallon of drinks at a time, which, depending on the size of your margarita glasses, can make at least 10 drinks. The machine has a front-mounted spout that pours easily, so guests can serve themselves if you want to socialize rather than bartend. The machine is double-walled so it can keep the liquid inside chilly for up to four hours, though its unlikely that there will be any left sitting for that long!

Depending on which type you buy, your margarita machine may come in one of several different outfits. Some are entirely plastic and are colored white and green. Others are sleeker, with stainless steel trim and a see-through tank, so you can see when it is nearing the time to whip up another batch of drinks. The prices range from around $70 to $99.

When you have a Margarator, you no longer need to rent expensive machines for parties, have someone man the machine, and return it once the party is over. These fun margarita-making machines are an inexpensive and easy way to serve delicious cold drinks. The best part is that you don’t have to return it after the party!

Once you’re done with the fun, the Margarator is easy to clean; just rinse it out with some soap and warm water, and it is ready for your next gathering.

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