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The following are margarator and margarita related articles.

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Margarator 101 Margarator 101

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Margarator -- 1. You don't have to spend as much on going out. While it's great fun to go out to bars with friends and co-workers, the expense of that fun can really add up. Bars..... (more)

A Margarator Review -- When I received my Margarator in the mail, I ripped open the large box with excitement. I had tried making frozen margaritas and daiquiris in my blender before, and it..... (more)

Frequently Asked Questions About Margarators -- 1. What is a Margarator? It is a small, inexpensive appliance that produces large amounts of frozen drinks in just minutes. You can use it indoors or outdoors, and..... (more)

Margarator Instructions: How to Operate a Margarator -- While operating a Margarator is quite simple, in order to make the most perfect margarita or other frozen drink, there are certain techniques that should be utilized...... (more)

Margarator Machines Are Great For Smoothies -- When you think of a margarita machine, you may not realize that it is also capable of producing fruit smoothies or slushees. However, the very same machines that blend..... (more)

Portable Margarators -- Commercial margarita machines have several perks: They make huge amounts of drinks at once, can make more than one type of drink at the same time, and they produce..... (more)

Throwing a Margarator Party -- Now that you have a Margarator machine , how can you best utilize it for a special occasion? You can save it for the next big football game or pool party, but why not..... (more)

What is a Margarator? -- Are you a margarita lover but hate having to go all the way to a restaurant and fork out lots of cash to get a tasty and frozen delicacy? Those days are no more. With a..... (more)

Why Margarator Blenders Make a Great Gift -- Do you have a friend who loves frozen alcoholic beverages but can only drink them when shelling out $7 at a bar? Do you have a family member who loves to entertain with..... (more)

Margarita Dispensing Margarita Dispensing

How to Create The Perfect Margarita -- If you love to sip a frosty margarita but don’t like spending money frivolously, you should consider investing in a home margarita machine. They are available in..... (more)

Margarita Dispensing Tips -- What's the point of making delicious margaritas if you can't dispense them well? To best enjoy your frozen drinks, it's important to know the best tips for margarita..... (more)

Margarita Machine Basics Margarita Machine Basics

Cleaning Your Margarator Maker -- When you very first take your brand new Margarator maker out of the box, you will probably have a burning temptation to rip it open, pour in the ice and tequila, and..... (more)

Frozen Margarita Maker Parts Overview -- A frozen margarita machine may look simple from the outside, but it has a large combination of parts on the inside that allow it to make smooth, frosty drinks. It..... (more)

Margarita Machine Rental vs Buying -- So you love margaritas, but you aren’t sure if the best decision is to rent a machine for the occasional night or buying your very own margarita machine. If you..... (more)

Margarita Machine Selections Give Margarita Makers More Choices -- Just as you can find a blender in a variety of styles, shapes, and suiting a range of various budgets, margarita makers also offer something for everyone. Every..... (more)

New Gadget: Home Margarita Machine -- Do you love drinking margaritas but hate the $25 bill after just having two or three at a bar or restaurant? Do you hate the mess associated with making drinks at home..... (more)

Recipes Recipes

12 Margarita Mix Recipes You Can Make at Home -- When you are making a margarita, whether it is with a blender, a shaker, or a home margarita maker, most margarita recipes call for margarita mix in addition to..... (more)

5 Margarator Recipes -- With your new frozen drink machine, the possibilities of what you can create are endless. While we will provide you with some basic Margarator recipes to get started, on..... (more)

Top 10 Margarita Recipes -- A margarita is a margarita is a margarita? I don't think so! There are countless types of margaritas you can make, whether with a margarita machine or without. Depending..... (more)

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